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The cast of Craig Y Nos School's production of Dazzle on stage at Dylan Thomas Theatre, SwanseaDazzle! comes alive in stunning Craig Y Nos School production in Swansea

The children of Craig Y Nos School, Swansea, staged a magical production of Limelight Musical's Dazzle! at the Dylan Thomas Theatre in May 2013.

Gareth Fursland, the school's headmaster and show producer, gives his feedback on what proved to be an inspirational production, for both children and audiences.


What comments did you receive from mums and dads after your production of Dazzle!?
“We were blown away with the performance.”
“What a different play for children.”
“The storyline with music was refreshing rather than just a musical.”
“Excellent challenge for the age of children.”

As producer, what did you like most about the show?
The variety of characters in Dazzle! gives the children – and director – plenty to get your teeth into. It is challenging, funny and very moving.

The music is absolutely stunning, unbelievable quality - songs and backing tracks.

What did the children like most about the show?
So many things. The children were fascinated by the setting of a seaside fairground. In these days of computer games and online entertainment, it’s something they don’t have much experience of. The songs are wonderful… and very catchy.

What were the high points?
The Ghost Train, Fred’s ‘calamity’ and – everyone’s favourite – Freeze the Air.

What did you think of the story?
It’s a modern, very up-to-date theme… a struggling business (the fairground) and land under threat of being acquired by developers. A touch of reality wrapped up in a magical storyline that appeals to children.

And the songs and music?
The music in Dazzle! is fantastic, I would even say inspirational. The songs lend themselves to movement and choreography. It is challenging for the age group, but extremely rewarding with the addition of choreography.

Which scene got the strongest reaction from the audience? Was there a "show stopping" moment?
We had the Dazzlers hiding behind the scenery in “I Love the Music and the Dancing”, popping their heads up to sing the bracketed parts. It was really effective – and very funny.

Fred Pringle met disaster in the back row of the auditorium, having climbed the stairs as the Big Wheel... that was very effective!

Looking back on the production, where would you put Dazzle! in your list of recent shows?
Every year we think that we have tackled something better than the year before. But, in all honesty, Dazzle! is something special. Everyone had such a buzz after the final curtain…the like of which is not often experienced.

On the strength of Dazzle!, would you consider putting on another Limelight show in the future?
Most definitely.

Thank you.



singing its praises

Dazzle! is something special. Everyone had such a buzz after the final curtain…the like of which is not often experienced.”

Gareth Fursland, headteacher, Craig Y Nos School, Swansea